Shower Mountain

by chief thundercloud

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released February 9, 2013

All songs written and recorded by Chief Thundercloud
in one take with no headphones
mastered by Thom Moon
Artwork by Chris Lockerbie

edition of 50
veverzay 6 vz6

VIDEO for interlocking rhymes here

REVIEW by Jesse Locke of Weird Canada



all rights reserved


chief thundercloud Halifax, Nova Scotia

started in 2006 in halifax , nova scotia , canada

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Track Name: Interlocking Rhymes
if you go away
i will disappear
why can't you stay
forever my dear
i'm running out of time
to try and figure you out
these interlocking rhymes
are really bringing me down

where is the place you'd like to fly
show me the direction in the sky
how would you prefer to die
or give me the chance to say goodbye
Track Name: Too Far
i don't know where to take it from here
i've jumped in and i'm out too far
maybe i'll just go take a shower and try to find you

i don't know what it is i should do
i can't get those nights out of my head
you're spinnin' this old dogs whole world
oh i never knew atlas was a girl
Track Name: Looking
is there anything left for me to say?
or am i a joke in your eyes
i wanna have that night again
but i don't want the pain that follows

my heart aches when i'm awake
and when i dream i'm lost in wonder
lookin' for you is all i do
and i can't change who i'm after
Track Name: What's mine
i saw you on the street and i ignored you
hoping i didn't have to talk to you
on the street so devine
gimme back whats mine
Track Name: Brief Encounters
these brief encounters are driving me mad
your all that i have left to care about
and every single time that we meet
can't you see what your doin' to me

when i look into your eyes
i see the bluesest skies
and try to stay in them
all i want is just to be on your side
can we give it a try when i'm not asleep
Track Name: Far Too Long
Baby o it's been
far too long
i wanna show you
all of my songs
and see if you fell
the way i've been feeling
about you
Track Name: Fire
Throw it back in
I am the fire
what a sin
you are a liar
Track Name: Before All This
before all this it wasn't so bad
i didn't care to really understand
the beauty you posses was out of my hands
now your kiss is all i understand

lady of the night
will you make it all right?
Track Name: That World
if that world was real
the new emotions that we'd feel
would come alive and break
the relationships at stake

as we wake each day
our emotions fade
and we realise that we
have everything we need

but i can never forget
that hug or that kiss
and i will never know
the thoughts that you sew